True Blood….The Saga Begins And Ends

Playing the hottest telepathic hybrid in the history of television, Anna Pequin has left us stunned with her thrilling, seductive and psychic act in the Vampire Series ‘True Blood’. Of course you know that the name of the character is Sookie Stackhouse, but what you do not know is the fact that Sookie is not just a hybrid, vampire psychic, but also a telepathic hybrid that rocks the world of vampires with her telepathic capabilities. In fact, in the very first episode itself, she ends up saving the life of a vampire. The plot continues to thicken, and we are introduced to Ryan Kwanten, who plays her brother in the series. There is a killer on the loose, and somehow he or she is targeting only the women who are associated with her brother. To find out what happens further, you must definitely watch the series now! But wait, it is already in its final series so you better start binge eating through those late nights catching up on the happenings spanning across 6 huge seasons.

A cult classic for sure, Anna Paquin has had to spend quite some time in her role. She says that it will be welcome change to have nothing to do. For so long it has been a habit to reach the True Blood set and get into character that now with everything coming to a close, that feeling will take some time to go away.

Speaking of the last season, Anna boldly says that by this time, she must have had sex with almost all her co-stars, of course onscreen only. Married to director of the series, Stephen Moyer, who personally directs Anna’s sex scenes, it is not weird or odd to her. An open bisexual She feels comfortable in her role and does not mind conducting raunchy and often steamy scenes in front of the camera in the nude. Neither does her husband have much of a problem with the scenes as is evident from the chemistry of the entire crew onset during these shoots.