A Powerful Performance in a Lead Role

If you happen to be a diehard fan of Anna Paquin, you might already have guessed which movie we are talking about. And for those who have not followed her career graph so ardently up till now, we’re glad to tell you that it is none other than ‘Fly Away Home’!

Based on a Real Life Story…

Not only did Anna Paquin have her own past credentials to live up to, at such a young age, she also had to meet the expectations of meeting up with the intense requirements of a real-life character. Her father was often away from home. For the first time in her life, Anna signed up to play a character that was not entirely fictional but was adapted from the real life of Bill Lishman. Of course the story had been fictionalized to a great extent, but Anna needed to step into the shoes of Bill Lishman to understand what the character was all about. Now for a young 13-year old girl who had just set foot into the realm of acting, this was a big challenge.

What ‘Fly Away Home’ was all about?

This unique movie that was produced by Columbia Pictures and released in 1996, was the first of its kind to garner the kind of reviews that it did. While it focused on the various colors of a father-daughter relationship, it was primarily focused on the growing up of geese, and how humans can learn so much from creatures that they consider much lesser, but have gifted abilities to really soar high. Just so you know, this was a directorial venture of Carroll Ballard, who was acclaimed for several others of his movies such as the Black Stallion. But ‘Fly Away Home’ proved to be the biggest hit of his career, and along with him, our darling Anna Paquin also rose to stardom, in an almost unstoppable way. At this point in her career as a young teen actress, there was nothing to hold her back at all!