Latest Updates on Anna Paquin and more!

As a small fan club, we have taken the effort to begin a small newsletter that runs on a monthly basis. This is especially for Anna Paquin fans who want to see glimpses of this actress and catch up with the latest updated about this stunning diva. In addition to Anna Paquin highlights, we also give you the latest Hollywood updates and plenty of other gossip, news and events from the glamour world. Just so you know, subscription to the newsletter and fan club membership is completely free, and all you need to do is to send a message expressing your interest using the contact form at the end of the page.

We cannot promise an immediate response, but your mail will be replied to within 07 working days and the following will be sent to you:-

  • A short subscription form (don’t worry, it’s very simple details that you need to fill in)
  • Your exclusive fan club logo, id and password
  • Access Link to Newsletter Archives as well as Calendar Schedule of Upcoming Newsletters
  • FREE Anna Paquin HD Wallpapers and more
  • Unique discounts available for members – such as cheap any driver van insurance for those in the UK through one sure insurance!

As we make further progress as a group, we plan on making this a paid fan-club. So make use of the opportunity whilst the membership is free and get on board now!