Anna Paquin’s iconic portrayal of a young Jane Eyre


Yes we are talking about the classic romantic novel that every girl has read, love, cherished and fantasized about in her teens. This 1847 novel by Charlotte Bronte is surprisingly ahead of its times in terms of feminism, and that’s Jane Eyre has almost become the ‘coming of age’ novel for many young women.

Shining even in a small role….

Right after her stupendous success in ‘The Piano’, Anna Paquin was offered the role of young Jane Eyre. Yes, this was in Hollywood and this was the directorial ventured helmed by someone none other than Franco Zeffirelli, a very famous Italian Director who had not only rocked the movies business, but also excelled at operas and numerous successful television programs. Led by these able hands, Anna decided to go ahead with the small but significant role; yes, this was a short, less prolific part to play, as opposed to that of her role in ‘The Piano’ but she was hailed for her awesome acting chops by critics and fans alike. Nobody else could have done justice to the role of the spirited young Jane Eyre, with the kind of inner strength and feverous passion that she portrayed. Unfortunately, this film of hers was not as successful as that of her first one ‘The Piano’ but it went a long way in establishing her credentials as a versatile young actress with tremendous potential.

She Blossomed Into A Power Actress

Anna Paquin is not the shy type of character. She jumps at opportunities to play bold roles that require more than the average acting skills. Be it sex scenes, action or intense drama – Anna is always up for the task and it does help that she is so beautiful. Probably the perfect combination of killer looks with brawns and a brain too, Anna sure does break the blonde stereotype, though not a natural blond.