A Tribute to Anna Paquin

For those who watch re-runs of X-men, just to be able to gape at hot mutant heroine Rogue, this is the perfect place to be. Formed by the global fan community of Anna Paquin, this website is dedicated to the beautiful actress and all the iconic roles she has played since she started her career in 1993.But before we begin harping on about her, let us begin on one note.

Unprecedented Achievements

Winning an Academy Award at the Age of 11 is a huge achievement. And that’s just one amongst the scores of reasons why we love Anna. In case you happen to be new to the fan club, it would interest you to note that her incredible journey began way back in 1993, with an awe-inspiring, New-Zealand-based movie. Yes, we are talking about ‘The Piano’, and just in case you haven’t heard about it, let’s give you a little preview.

The Piano

Released in 1993, ‘The Piano’ was a breathtaking film shot in New Zealand. It centered on the lives of a vocally-challenged piano player and her young daughter. While the leading role (that of the mother) was played by Holly Hunter, Anna Paquin was chosen to play the role of the 11-year old daughter. The lovely blossoming of the mother-daughter relationship and the subsequent grace and spontaneity with which Paquin played the daughter’s role, was extremely remarkable. In fact, she left behind all previous precedents in such iconic roles. It was a great moment of pride for her and her parents when she was nominated for the Academy Awards of 1994. She was pitted against many senior actresses, but not only did she win the award but also gained critical acclaim on a global scale. It would be interesting to note that even Holly Hunter won the award for her portrayal of Ada Mcgrath in the same movie.

Fleeting Success and the beginning of a momentous journey…

What’s more amazing is the fact that this was an extremely small-budget movie, and was never really expected to create any ripples. When Anna Paquin’s parents had her signed up for the role, they weren’t expecting her to become a celebrity overnight. But the movie gained worldwide recognition, and opened the doors of Hollywood for the talented young actress.